How do we accomplish our mission?

Prayer & Reflection:

We provide a quiet, beautiful atmosphere in which to pray & reflect.

We host many types of retreats, maintain multiple chapels, cultivate our meditative courtyards, provide access to 24/7 adoration, inspiring artwork, classic statues, incredible stations of the cross and more.


Using a variety of ways we spiritually educate and enlighten all ages from the very young to very old.

We host special events such as our Shroud of Turin expert, our Lenten Series Talk with priests and nuns, bring in quality musical talent to perform inspirational concerts, and more. We communicate with our OLHSC family through all types of media; our website, newsletters, radio, and more.


The Center creates an appreciation for and allows participation in the sacraments.

The Center offers Mass 2 times a day, Monday through Friday and once on Saturdays. There is a monthly healing service, confession is offered 3 days a week and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week there is Eucharistic Adoration.

This mission is not new. It began in 1911 when Archbishop Moeller hosted the 1st Eucharistic Congress on these grounds. This event publicly proclaimed to the world the importance of the Real Presence of the Eucharist. Three years later the seminary was completed, and the mission continued. For 58 years young men were prepared for the priesthood, they celebrated the Sacraments, became educated about the faith, and spent time in prayer and reflection growing closer to Our Lord.


When the seminary was abandoned in 1981 for 12 years, Our Lady was already working in the hearts of some special men and women. They were heeding Her call to spread the message and point everyone to Jesus. She wanted The Center to continue its mission to be a house of prayer, offering the Sacraments, educating in the faith, and providing a beautiful place for reflection.  She not only wanted the Center, but she also wanted a holy place in Falmouth, KY. Our Lady’s Farm with its beautiful chapel, cross hill, stations of the cross and Marian grotto, also fulfills this mission.


The video below shows how Our Lady and Our Lord continue to impact lives and touch hearts through OLHSC.