Our Lady of Light Ministries at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center was devised to stand alone as a publishing entity, with the goal that any surplus funds generated would help to support priests in residence at The Archbishop’s House. There are currently 3 priests living at the beautifully renovated House with room for 8 more residents.

 The experiences of the woman known as the Batavia visionary are integrally related to the occurrences at The Holy Spirit Center. (Read more about that in our History section.) In 2008 Our Lady of Light Ministries formed its own 501(c)(3) to concentrate on getting the messages that were given to the visionary from Our Lady out to the public.  Eventually a total of six books of messages and experiences of the Batavia visionary have been published, with the sales of early volumes paying for the later ones.

 But publications went far beyond just books called Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light. Pamphlets, brochures, and eventually books by other authors were published and promoted by the publications group. When Fr. Ed Carter founded Shepherds of Christ Ministries, the first several books published by that organization were edited and designed by Our Lady of Light Publications.

 To date Our Lady of Light Publications has published some 15 books, numerous brochures and pamphlets, and a myriad of other spiritually oriented materials. All of these materials are directed toward an increased spirituality among the faithful. All are designed to point us to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

 Although the many presumed appearances of Our Lady at OLHSC have not been officially approved by the Catholic Church, the thousands who witnessed the phenomena and those who still feel Her presence and grace at The Holy Spirit Center and Our Lady’s Farm, will attest to the powerful effect Our Lady has had and continues to have in their lives.

†   Our Lady of Light Ministries office is located in the Archbishop’s House on the campus of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. Contact their office for more information on publications, prayer cards, and gifts.

Our Lady of Light Ministries
5418 Moeller Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45212

Email: OLL@fuse.net

Our Lady of Light Ministries at OLHSC