Why Make an Individual Private Retreat?

Many more people have come to realize the need for quiet time alone with the Lord away from usual routines. At OLHSC a person can have his or her own space while being nourished by the daily celebrations of the Holy Eucharist in the Holy Rosary Chapel. There is also time for rest and quiet walks. This type of personal, silent retreat has gained popularity in recent years.

Some reasons to make a private retreat include time for the following:

          Rest from the hectic pace of the world

          Quiet in order to be with and listen better to God

          Discernment regarding situations and important decisions

          Reading, study, or writing

          Seek God’s healing graces

Rosary at OLHSC

Private retreats are scheduled as availability permits. Private retreats are generally scheduled during the week – Tuesday through Thursday – and not over the weekend. If it happens that a weekend group retreat is not completely filled, private retreats are possible.

None of our standard rooms have a television or air conditioning and most have very limited or no internet capability.  All suites have air conditioning.  All rooms at OLHSC are intended for retreat use only and are not intended for use as “motel” accommodations.

Please contact eventsgroup@olhsc.org for pricing and availability.

When emailing please tell us your name, address, proposed dates for your retreat, and any special needs.

Individual Retreats

Contact us for dates you’d like to come for an individual retreat utilizing your own material or just come for some quiet time with Jesus.
Overnight room reservations start at $65 per person per night. To reserve a room, contact eventsgroup@olhsc.org

Self-Guided Retreats

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center offers material for a self-guided individual retreat year-round. They are designed to be three days and two nights, but it can be done in less time if needed. All of the retreat materials have similar activities such as Scripture, journal prompts, theological readings, Holy Hour inspirations, and daily prayer guides. Retreatants are welcome to also bring their own spiritual reading to enrich the retreat.
The themes for these retreats are as follows:

“In Mary’s Footsteps” – You will be reflecting on key times in Christ’s life; the Crucifixion, His Resurrection, and Pentecost, all from a Marian perspective. Reflect on Easter through Mary’s eyes.  Allow Mary to lead you to her Son, Jesus, and experience Christ in our sacred spaces.

“This Is My Body” A Eucharistic Retreat – You will be reflecting on the Eucharist in Scripture, devotion to the Eucharist in the Church, and your own relationship with the Blessed Sacrament. Explore the Eucharist in the Old and New Testaments. Learn how Holy Communion transformed Saints and martyrs.

“Not Made For This World” – You will be reflecting on who you are as a child of God, what God made you for, and your journey to heaven. Throughout the retreat you will examine your life and how the Lord is working in you. Learn what it means to be on the path of discipleship. Reflect on the Kingdom of Heaven in Sacred Scriptures. Pray about your personal journey to heaven.

The self-guided retreat material is $50. Overnight room reservations start at $65 per person per night. To reserve a room, contact eventsgroup@olhsc.org

For booking and pricing information, please contact Anne Johns at  eventsgroup@olhsc.org.